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We usually don’t need to analyze millions of pieces of information, but for the sake of investing, we do. Every day, billions of trades are made, and stock values are influenced by countless events. On a human scope, it’s staggering. Taking it all in and making the right choices can be difficult.

Huge Wall Street firms and giant hedge funds have the power and the tools to analyze that data, but those doors are only open for high net worth individuals. However, the everyday investor looking to maximize their returns for their retirement and wealth growth does not have that option yet has money to invest has traditionally been left out.

That’s where AI comes in.

Artificial intelligence is providing new opportunities for investing which extend far beyond cost reduction and increasing efficiency in operations. AI can take all of the relevant data points and immediately analyze and understand them to make the best and quickest decisions possible automatically, removing the emotion from the process.


What Is AI in Investing?

For many years, investing was considered elite. It was dominated by a clubby atmosphere, filled with arcane terminology, and hyper-aggressive gatekeeping. You had to have a lot of money to play, and you had to play by rules set decades ago.

These days, the markets are far more complex with so many data points to consider which can all have an impact on investing. It’s even a lot for the most seasoned pros to understand at one time. But AI is changing things for the professionals, and more importantly, it’s changing investing for all of us.

AI has proven to be a differentiating factor. It has taken what is normally reserved for the wealthy and elite and opened the door for everyone.

With AI, the individual investor essentially has access to all the information that huge institutions have. The AI-driven algorithm can take in the vastness of data from around the world and use it to make the best decisions. There’s no need to play by the decades-old rules.

How does AI put you on the same level as the hedge fund giants? By taking the complexity of the markets and making the right decisions.


Harnesses Data

The great benefit of AI is that it can instantly analyze all this data—fundamental, technical, sentimental, tangential—and make decisions. AI is a game-changer for risk management. It equips investment firms with tools to bolster risk management functions and anticipate and manage ambiguous events or risks.

RIMAR algorithms download and analyze over 1 TB of data per day, this includes translating foreign newspapers and analyzing if there is any relevant information. RIMAR separates its data into 2 categories: Relevant and Irrelevant. Relevant data is analyzed and incorporated into the decision-making algorithm while irrelevant data is ignored.


Removes Emotion

Investing is stressful and complex. On the one hand, you want to be safe and protect your money. On the other hand, you want to make the smart move that no one else is making and score big. On yet another hand, you’re worried that any small drop spells disaster. That’s a lot of hands. It’s better to take them out.

AI takes out the worst parts of the human element by removing emotions and ego from decision-making. The process doesn’t take humanity out of your journey. You still get to chart your course, but AI navigates the currents.


Democratizes the World of Investing

Traditionally, if you didn’t have a lot to invest, you had very limited options. Big hedge funds wouldn’t even look at you if you didn’t have six or seven figures to invest. Advisors would bundle you in with other normal people and put you in some small tranche in a huge impersonal firm. You were either shut out, had very little control, or were investing small amounts to make small profits. After fees come out, you’re probably looking at a minimal return.

But the multiplicative analysis power and streamlining prowess of AI changes that. Smaller investments can actually turn a profit in diverse portfolios. Ultimately, AI democratizes the world of investing for those who do not have access to the tools to invest like professional Wall Street analysts. For example, with RIMAR Capital, you can access our premium investment strategies with only $1,000. It’s opening the door to more market strategies every day which give you a chance to make more money and secure your future.


Using AI To Invest With Real Results

Using AI to invest is new, but the ideas behind it are not: find market inefficiencies to maximize gain, couch risk with safe and steady investments, and plan for your specific long-term goals. That’s the idea behind investing. AI makes it even more possible.

The AI investing algorithm at RIMAR Capital takes your journey as our starting point. It takes your information and creates an investment plan, always adapting and changing to adjust to a changing market. This gives you security and flexibility without forcing you to make emotional decisions all the time. It’s an artificial brain that gives you peace of mind.

Want to see how using AI to invest can protect your future? Contact RIMAR Capital to talk about your investment needs.


Ryan Gordon

Ryan Gordon

Ryan is a qualified chartered accountant of South Africa. Ryan is an avid sportsman who also enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family in his down time. Ryan joined the RIMAR Capital team in 2019 as a business development manager.

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